School and Student Health

The task of the school health service is to monitor and support the physical, psychological and social growth and de-velopment of children and youth. It is important as early as possible to detect the signs of problems in the develop-ment of the child, the youth, the family and the living environment, as well as to intervene early in factors that are harmful to the child's health. The purpose of the school health service is to promote the health of pupils and the en-tire school community in cooperation with the school care staff, pupils, teachers and parents.

The central task of the student health care service is to monitor and promote the health, well-being and study abili-ties of the students. The purpose of the health examination is to get an overall view of the student's health and well-being, and to help the student to make choices that promote health. The health check-up is based on interviews with the student, occupational health risk evaluations and consultations. With regard to health examinations for occupa-tional training, the health requirements set out for the field of study are taken into account and the occupational statutes and regulations are observed.