The task of the maternity consulting service is to ensure the best possible health and well-being for the expectant mother, the foetus, the newly born and the members of the family. In addition to examinations of the mother and the unborn child, the child consultancy service also checks on the well-being of the family through familiarising itself with the family's living conditions and with the health of the expecting parents, including that of the fathers. Any illnesses or other problems significant to the growth and development of the forthcoming child, as well as the relationship between the couple and parenthood, are addressed. The health check-ups include individualised health consulting that takes the entire family into account. The task of the child consultancy service and family preparation is to help the parents to create as positive, but realistic, an image as possible of the characteristics and abilities of the new-born, and to strengthen the mother's and the father's connection with the child. As of the beginning of 2016, it is possible to establish paternity in connection with visits to the consultancy office even before the child is born.

The purpose of the contraception consultancy service is to find a suitable contraception method for everyone and to promote sexual health. The purpose of family planning consultancy is to advise and offer support in matters of health, relationships and sexuality, as well as to reduce unwanted pregnancies and to prevent venereal disease.

The fundamental task of the child consultancy service is to monitor and to support the child's physical, psychological and social growth and development, and at an early stage to ascertain any problems. In addition to monitoring physical growth and health conditions, the health check-ups also include a follow-up on the psychosocial and neurological development, as well as communication, speech, language and the senses. The goal is as early as possible to detect the signs of problems in the development of the child, the family and the living environment, as well as to intervene in factors that are harmful to the child's health.