Social Services for Families

The purpose of Social Services for Families is to support families with children in situations where special support is needed in order to deal with the everyday challenges facing a family with children. The needs that families have for help are very individual and the Social Services for Families offer families with children expert help in order to solve and overcome difficult situations.

Social Services for Families entail social work in accordance with the Social Welfare Act and the Child Welfare Act, as well as other support measures intended for families. Support measures include such things as family work, activities for support staff and families, as well as family rehabilitation. In some situations, the child may be need to be placed outside of the home. This need is primarily met through the work at reception and examination departments at the Family Support Centre in Tuusula. The goal of the Social Services for Families in Tuusula is to respond to the families' need for support in a flexible and individual manner.