Social Services for Adults

Social work for adults is multi-professional, statutory and planned social work that is done together with persons over 18 years old and whose goal is to improve the person's life skills and to prevent problems. Together with the client, we look for alternatives in order to improve one's life situation and to motivate the client to make changes. At the beginning of a client relationship, an assessment is made of the need for service.
Social work for adults includes service administration and counselling, social security work, work in connection with family and human relations, crisis work, work on substance abuse, mental health care, rehabilitative work and preventive child protection measures. Furthermore, the work can include activities that support employment, training, accommodation and rehabilitation.

Social assistance is a temporary form of income benefit applied as a last resort. The assistance is intended for situations where the applicant's or his family's income and resources are not sufficient to cover the necessary and reasonable daily expenditures.
Social assistance is granted by the municipality of residence until the end of 2016. As of 1 January 2017, the FPA will pay out basic social assistance and then the municipalities will pay the supplemental and preventive assistance.