Handicap Service

The Handicap Service is intended for handicapped persons or those with long-term illnesses who require various services or support for relatives.
The goal is to promote handicapped people's opportunities for an equitable life in the community along with the rest of the citizens, and to overcome the inconveniences and obstacles that their handicaps entail.
The Handicap Service includes such things as residential services, personal assistance, transportation services, work and day-centre activities and residential modification work, as well as support for relatives.
The social workers and social administrators within the Handicap Service help the client and his relatives to find and obtain the forms assistance and service which the handicapped person needs.

Contact Information
Social workers within the Handicapped Service
Päivi Jalkanen (Clients A-L)
Satu Lindblad(Clients M-Ö)
Social administrators within the service for the mentally disabled
Hanna-Leena Iskanius (Clients A-L)
Päivi Riikonen (Clients M-Ö)

Client visits require appointments