Service for Older People

The Service for Older People promotes their well-being and their opportunities to remain living where they are when their functions are diminished. The Service for Older People places emphasis on outpatient care and a correct level structuring of health care.

The services are based on the needs of the client, as well as the service and care plans that have been developed together with the client and his network. The Service for Older People has the task of supporting the client's own resources.

The Service for Older People includes service administration and counselling, services provided in the home, day-centre activities, transportation services, support for relatives and residential services. In the event of sudden changes in functional ability and in the ability to manage at home, there are discharge and assessment department services available.

For more information, contact the social administrators for senior services Hilkka Kokkoniemi (clients A-L) and Mari Tapiola (clients M-Ö)

Client managers for in-home care: Outi-Liisa Ratilainen (Hyrylä) and Anna-Kaisa Kärkkäinen (Jokela and Mariefors)