Starting in Day Care

Starting day care is a major change in a child’s life and it has an effect on the everyday life of the whole family. When you plan for your child to start in day care, you should keep in mind that it takes approximately two (2) weeks for a child under three years old to acclimatise. The acclimatisation period for a child over three years old may be shorter.

Once you have received an electronic notification of a day care placement, the staff member responsible for your child will contact you. If the child has received a family day care placement, then you are the one who needs to contact the staff. Day care begins with the guardians and the staff in charge meeting, which can be called an introductory meeting. At the introductory meeting, one discusses inter alia routines that can help the child in its transition to a day care setting. It is important to have an acclimatisation period before the actual day care begins.

Before care begins, the guardians and day care manager have a discussion in which inter alia they agree upon the number of care days, daily care times, who except for the guardians can collect the child and matters concerning what the child has permission to do in during the activity. You can fill out the service plan in advance and take it with you to the service discussion.