Starting in early childhood education and care

Initiation of early childhood education is a major change in a child’s life and affects the everyday life of the whole family. When planning the start, you should take into consideration with children under 3 years of age that two (2) weeks should be reserved for settling in. For a child over 3 years old, the introductory period may be shorter.

Once you have received a decision on your child’s placement in early childhood education and care electronically, the person in charge of your child’s education will contact you. If your child has been placed in family day care, you should be in contact with the family day care provider. In early childhood education and care, the cooperation between guardians and the person responsible for the education will start with a meeting which we call an initial discussion. The initial discussion will include planning of the methods of supporting a child in the transition from home to early childhood education and care. An introductory period before actual starting of day care is necessary.

Before the start, the guardian(s) and the director of the early childhood education and care unit will hold a service discussion in order to agree on, for example, the amount of early childhood education, daily care times, reserve applicants and permission issues related to the child’s participation in the activities during the care days.