Change of Day Care placement

If you would like a placement for your child at another department for early childhood education, you can announce your wish for another placement by filling out a new application for day care before the beginning of March. In the section on “Other” in the application, you must state the name of the current department for early childhood education and inform the department that it is a matter of changing day care placements. You must also notify them about the desire to change place and the need for the child’s current day care placement. The change is made in August at the beginning of the activity year.

You may refer to the service administrator for information about the day care situation at the desired department or area for early childhood education.

Primarily, those children who are to transfer from family day care and shift care to day care centres are moved. Four and five-year-old children are principally moved from family day care.

The desire for a new day care placement is considered in accordance with the principle of local services. If it is less than 3 km between the day cares, the move is not considered without a compelling reason (sibling, transportation problem i.e.., the family does not have access to a car).

Children transitioning from children’s clubs to day care are given priority over other applicants.