Day Care Placement Guarantee

You have the opportunity of exercising the day care placement guarantee when the child’s need for day care is temporarily interrupted. Reasons why the care can be interrupted include:

  • Maternal or parental leave
  • Child care leave
  • Sick leave
  • Job alternation leave
  • Period of unemployment
  • Lay-off
  • Temporary move

Once the need for full-time day care once more arises, your child has the opportunity to return to the previous day care placement as of the beginning of the activity year, if the day care was interrupted within a period of at least four (4) months. Remember that the child shall return to day care no later than by 1 September. The care guarantee only applies to municipal day care. 

The department head for early childhood education, along with you, prepares a written contract concerning the day care placement guarantee. Once the care guarantee expires, you do not need to submit any new day care application. You can apply for support for home care for the period of interruption.

No later than four (4) months before the contract expires, you must notify the child’s previous care location in writing if you want to continue the interruption. A new contract is prepared after the interruption. 

If the agreed interruption period is not actualised due to a new job or studies and you need day care for the child before the contract expires, the prepared contract ceases to be valid. You must announce your changed need for day care at least two weeks before the need for care commences. If the absence is not actualised due to other reasons, this must be reported four months earlier. However, a day care placement cannot be guaranteed from the department where the child was previously placed.

You will find contract forms at Use of the day care placement guarantee within early childhood education in the Municipality of Tuusula