Municipal Council

The Municipal Council, with is 51 Members, exercises the highest executive power in the Municipality of Tuusula. Members and deputies are selected through the municipal elections held every four years.

The Council determines the economy and financing for the municipality, as well as the percentage tax rate, and the general bases and guarantees for fees. The Council determines the structure of the municipal executive board, namely, the committees and their authorities, and approves the necessary instructions. The Council appoints elected representatives and the most important executives.

With the help of the annual financial statements and the directors' report, as well as the auditing committee's evaluation report, the Council assesses how municipal matters have been managed.

The chairman of the Tuusula Municipal Council is Arto Lindberg, the deputy chairman is Mika Mäki-Kuhna and the second deputy chairman is Jari Anttalainen.

The representatives of Tuusula are divided among the following political groups:

  • 14 National Coalition Party
  • 11 TuPu
  • 8 True Finns
  • 8 Social Democratic Party
  • 4 Centre Party
  • 3 Green League
  • 1 Left Alliance
  • 1 Swedish People's Party in Finland
  • 1 Christian Democrats in Finland.

Contact details for the representatives are found on the Finnish-language pages.

Municipal Executive Board

In addition to the municipal council, the municipal executive board holds a great deal of power in the municipality. The municipal executive board prepares and carries out the tasks as determined by the council. The municipal executive board is also responsible for the administration of the municipal administration. The municipal executive board monitors the interests of the municipality and takes action on its behalf.

The Tuusula municipal executive board has 13 members whom the council has chosen from various political parties. The municipal executive board has a mandate period of two years. The chairman of the Tuusula Municipal Executive Board is the Mayor of the Municipality of Tuusula Kalle Ikkelä.

The Committees

In addition to the council and municipal executive board, the municipalities have other committees whose task is to work in close connection with service provision and to manage and supervise the provision of services within the municipality. These boards are subordinated to the municipal executive board.

The municipal council decides how many committees the municipality has and it elects members to the boards. The only mandatory committees in the municipality are the auditing committee and central election committee. The committees have a mandate period of four years.

Tuusula has the following committees: local authority audit committee, central municipal election board, committee for municipal development, culture and leisure committee, education committee, welfare committee, technical committee, as well as the Central Uusimaa Environmental Board that serves regionally.

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