Immigrant services

The Coordinator of Immigration Affairs and Refugee Counsellors assist you in matters related to immigration and integration. Immigration services are responsible for the initial guidance of refugees moving into the municipality. The immigration workers are also able to provide you with general information and advice on immigration.

The social counselling related to immigration work is carried out in cooperation with the Keski Uusimaa Joint Municipal Authority (Keusote). The immigration and employment services are headed by Laura Smolander.

Act on the Promotion of Immigrant Integration

The Act on the Integration of Immigrants and Reception of Asylum Seekers requires that an integration programme be prepared in the municipality. Learn more about the integration programme 2020–2022 of the municipality of Tuusula (in Finnish).

The integration programme is a plan that outlines the objectives, measures, resources and cooperation related to integration and promotes ethnic equality and good ethnic relations. The integration programme is drawn up by the municipality in cooperation with the authorities and other parties. Its preparation and implementation is carried out by consulting immigrants, NGOs, employees' and employers' organisations and, where possible, other local bodies.

Contact details

Coordinator of Immigration Affairs Kristiina Illikainen, tel. 040 314 3382,

Integration Counsellor Melonia Khosravi, tel. 040 314 3383,

Refugee Counsellor Heidi Kuitunen, tel. 040 314 3057,

Social Counsellor Marja Kivilahti, Keski-Uusimaa Joint Municipal Authority, tel. 040 314 3314,

General information

Tuusula has a population of just over 39,000, of whom around 1,500 (3.8% of local residents) are foreign citizens. There are approximately 2,000 native speakers of languages other than Finnish, Swedish or Sami in Tuusula. The largest immigrant groups are Estonians and Russians. Most of the immigrants have come here due to work or marriage.