Municipality of Tuusula Maps and Geodata Service

You may send question about geodata to the following e-mail address Service prices are determined in accordance with the current price list.

Maps and Materials

The Municipality of Tuusula produces and sells base maps of the planning area, current zoning plans and guide maps.  The material can be seen in the Tuusula mapping service. In addition, the garrison area's aerial photography and laser tracking  material from 2015 are available. 


Information on fix points

You may contact the Municipality of Tuusula when you want more information about the following fix points. 

  • ETRS-GK25 (EPSG: 3879): The E3 class plan fix points and the E5 class access points 
  • N2000 (EPSG: 3900): The IV class points and the V class access points.


Copying and printout services and official registry and map extracts

Customer service at the Tuusula municipal office offers you copying and printout services; as well, it sells official registry and map extracts. 

From customer service, you can buy printouts in black-and-white or colour in various sizes, and you can copy your own material. You may need official registry and map extracts as appendices for such things as building permits. Such documents pertain, for example, to excerpts from base maps, zoning plans and property registries, as well as land titles and certificates of search. 


Municipal Registry Data

The Municipality of Tuusula gathers many kinds of registry data in its operation. For example, data on building permits, building, property and zoning registries can be purchased on a limited basis for various purposes. The municipality does not divulge the property's ownership details. You may contact the National Land Survey of Finland if you have questions about ownership details.


Establishment of the Building Site Area

You can ask the municipality for a calculation of the area for a building site that applies to a property within a zoning area in Tuusula. The calculation is based on the property boundaries and zoning plan. 

Enquiries: tiina.o.aalto(at)

Measurement Services

We also offer survey services, that include boundary ordinances for properties in zoning areas, as well as building supervision measurements. Boundaries of area outside of the zoning plan are produced by the National Land Survey of Finland. The building supervision measures are specified in the building permit for buildings and heating wells:

  • marking of the building's location and elevation
    • Can be carried out when the floor plan and foundation plans have been submitted to the municipality and the building permit has been issued
  • Site inspection
    • Can be carried out when the building's foundations are ready or when the heating well is in place

Building inspection measurements are included in the building permit fees. The delivery time for the measurements is two weeks from ordering. 

Enquiries and orders: tiina.o.aalto(at)

Tuusula Mapping Service

Tuusula mapping service gives you an opportunity to browse through maps, where you can examine various geodata materials. The mapping service includes such things as a guide map and the municipality's services. The mapping service also allows you to localise your own location using mobile equipment. 

More Information on the Municipality of Tuusula's Geodata

Geodata Applications

The Municipality of Tuusula makes use of the following applications in order to produce and to process geodata: 

  • Micro Station and Stella Map
  • FactaGis and Facta Kuntarekisteri
  • FME

Interface Service

The Municipality of Tuusula has an external WMS interface service. With the help of the interface, material available from the Tuusula mapping service can be seen in its own geodata application. The service is subject to a fee and it requires a user permit or contract for the map material. 


Level Coordinate and Elevation System

The official systems for the Municipality of Tuusula are: 

  • ETRS-GK25 (EPSG: 3879)
  • N2000 (EPSG: 3900)

The municipality's old systems were the Tuusula VVJ level coordinates up until 2014 and the N43-elevation system up until 2015. There are conversion parameters for modifications between the old and the new systems. 


3D City Model

You may acquaint yourself with the Municipality of Tuusula's 3D City Model in the CityPlanner application. In the application, you can examine upcoming planning projects in Tuusula.