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Tuusula encourages entrepreneurship and business development

With its over 5,000 active companies, the municipality of Tuusula has a strong focus on promoting entrepreneurship. This is reflected in our operations in many different ways: start-ups are able to benefit from our high-quality enterprise agency services and assistance with business and networking, the development company Keuke and the municipality's own growth team help companies to build up their business, in addition to which we are involved in funding various development projects aimed at companies.  

Our business services also help companies to settle down in Tuusula. The municipality is located next to the Helsinki metropolitan area and the airport, which provides excellent business opportunities for companies in many different lines of business. Tuusula brings together Finland's largest market area and a versatile and skilled workforce.

If you want to set up shop and thrive in Tuusula, browse our business plots and premises and learn about our brilliant growth team.

Starting a business

The municipality of Tuusula is strongly involved in promoting entrepreneurship. We are a part-owner of the region's shared development company Keuke as well as a member of YES, Finland’s most significant network for the development of entrepreneurship education. In addition, we encourage entrepreneurship by working closely with local entrepreneurial associations and educational institutions.

Are you planning to start a business? Do you already have an idea, or even a business plan? The municipality’s development company Keuke offers free expert advice to people considering setting up a business.

Book an appointment by calling Keuke at 050 341 3210 (Mon–Fri 9:00–15:00).

For more information, visit

If you need some other type of guidance, help with networking or premises for your new business, the municipality's business development services can help you in a variety of ways.

Contact the municipal Business Liaison Officer Toni Popovic at

Growth, development and funding

What does the future look like for your business? Should you aim for growth or improved efficiency – is your business strategy crystal clear? Or should you spend some time thinking about how you market and sell your services and where to find customers? How do you monitor the finances and profitability of your business? How do you determine prices? Who could you network with, and where could you find partners? Are marketing, productisation and investment funding big mysteries to you? 

Keuke, the municipal development company will help you answer all these questions. To book an appointment online or by phone, visit  

The municipality's growth team will help you explore opportunities for growth or set up your business in Tuusula. The growth team deals with municipal matters of land use, town and country planning, employment services and engineering and actively looks for solutions to enable business growth. Regular visits to local companies are also an essential part of the team's work, which aims to develop Tuusula as a municipality with an entrepreneurial outlook. 

If you are looking to grow your business, please contact the municipal Business Liaison Officer Toni Popovic or Business and Development Director Kristiina Salo at 

Support for companies’ digital transformation 

The municipality of Tuusula is involved in funding a digital transformation project for SMEs called WIMMA (1 September 2019 – 31 March 2022). The project provides companies with information, development funding and excellent webinars on, for instance, the digital transformation of marketing and services. The project is being carried out by Technology Center TechVilla Oy. 

Learn more about the opportunities provided by the project by visiting

Business licences

Environmental licences

The Environment Centre of Central Uusimaa is responsible for environmental control in the municipality of Tuusula. In most cases, environmental licences can be applied for via the service. The essential parts of the environmental licence application must always be in Finnish to enable the participation of the parties involved. The applicant must therefore make use of translation services, if necessary. Environmental Inspector Kaisa Autio-Nousiainen is able to provide support on the use of the Lupapiste service in matters concerning the Environment Centre.

Private social and health services

Private social and health services complement and offer alternatives to the municipal services. Private service providers, referring mainly to companies, organisations and foundations, can sell their services to municipalities and joint municipal authorities or directly to customers.

The most common private social and health services include the following:

  • institutional and family care for children and young people 
  • service housing and home services
  • child day care
  • physiotherapy services
  • doctor's and dentist's practices
  • occupational health care.

The private provision of social and health care services is subject to authorisation. If you intend to engage in business activities in the field, contact the municipal Business Liaison Officer Toni Popovic at 

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