Tuusula Water Works / Tuusula Water

The water works provides the high-quality water within its operating area that community and its development requires on commercial terms.

You will find the WATER WORKS’ OPERATING AREA at the Tuusula map service http://kartta.tuusula.fi/

The Tuusula Regional Water Works (TSV) supplies household water to its member municipalities. The waste water is led to the marine drain that is set up by the intermunicipal authority for water protection in Central Uusimaa (KUVES); from there, it is then led to the waste water treatment plant in Viikinmäki.  

Fault Reports

During working hours, faults are to be reported by telephoning 040 314 3141. Outside of working hours, faults are to be reported by telephoning 040 314 3125. 


* If a conduit on a property has frozen or has been damaged, contact a private HVS store  

* If a water meter has frozen or has been damaged. Contact the Tuusula Water Works  

* If the water works or the property company have been informed of the interruption in advance, check to see whether it is the property company or www.tuusulanvesi.fi that provided the information

* If there are problems with the hot water, contact the energy company or the property service company. 

* If the property’s own sewer is not working, contact a company providing sludge pumping (the most common cause to blockages in the drains are fats, baby nappies and other refuse that does not belong in the sewer.)  

* If you suspect that the blockage in the drain is not related to the sewer on the property, contact Tuusula Water Works 

Water Meter Reading

Kulutus-Web is a service where you can electronically report the reading on your meter at the following address https://www.kulutus-web.com/Tuusula/vesi/suomi/index.asp

The water meter reading shall be submitted once per year so that any changes in water usage can be corrected in the invoicing. 

Log-in requires the consumption location and the water meter number found in the upper right-hand corner of your water bill. The value is always stated in total cubic metres. The values and the change information that have been submitted via the service are updated within one week in the invoicing system.

Other ways of submitting the reading on the water meter and changes in the invoicing information (change in ownership, change in invoicing address, change in consumption)  

* E-mail: vesihuoltolaitos(at)tuusula.fi

* Telephone: 040 314 3553, 040 314 3578 or 040 314 3577

Connection to Water Supply Connection statements can be ordered via the service at www.lupapiste.fi. You can submit the connection application to the water works office or send it via e-mail to vesihuoltolaitos(at)tuusula.fi.

The property is responsible for water and sewer work right up to the connection point. The work of connecting to the water works’ grid must be ordered two weeks in advance from the municipal water services connection engineer by telephoning 040 314 3138 (telephone time 8:15 - 9:15 am).