• Zoning and Land Use

Zoning and Land Use

Zoning refers to the planning of land use; it is the means by which we govern the structure of the community and make the various goals fit together. Through zoning, we want to create the conditions necessary for a good and functioning living environment. The zoning plan sets aside areas for such things as buildings, workplaces, services, safety and recreation, as well as agriculture and forestry. The Land Use and Building Act and its associated directives govern the planning of land use and construction in Finland.  

The plans are shown on the maps, and these plans have legal ramifications. In addition to the plan map, the plans also contain explanations of the markings, planning provisions and an explanatory section describing the contents of the plan, its vantage points, goals, examinations and the consequences in greater detail.  

Information on Future Plans 

You can find current plans in Tuusula on the zoning web site - You can familiarise yourself with current zoning plans and component master plans at the Tuusula mapping service. The content is in Finnish only.  

Once per year, the municipality publishes a zoning summary in Finnish in which one can find out about future and current planning projects. The commencement of the plan is announced in the press and on the web. For more information, please contact those people responsible for the said projects. 

For more information, please contact:

Anne Olkkola, Zoning Manager