Electronic Permit Processing for Building

The Municipality of Tuusula’s building supervisory authority processes all permit applications, as well as applications for measures electronically via the service called Lupapiste. The service in Tuusula is in the Finnish language.

In the Lupapiste service, building projects can be completed from beginning to end as a cooperation between the construction client, planners and authorities. The service allows you to submit an electronic request for consultation. For example, this request can be submitted when one wants to establish in advance whether or not a permit is needed.

More instructions on registration and use of Lupapiste can be found at the website Lupapiste.fi.

Log onto the Lupapiste service or give the main planner the authority to submit the request for you. The use of Lupapiste begins with stating the object for which you are applying for a permit. The service provides you with instructions as to what measures you should take with regard to your application. Based on the choices you make, a work area is created for your project. Here, you and the other involved parties can supplement the details about the project. Via Lupapiste, you can also ask the authorities for advice at all stages of the project. The service automatically directs your request for consultation to the correct agency.