Adult education center

Enjoy learning, new experiences and participation in local adult education center

In Finland there are more than two hundred adult education centres called either "kansalaisopisto", citizens` institute or "työväenopisto", workers` institute. They offer education and training mainly for adults, but increasingly also for children and young people. In adult education center you can study almost anything.

Adult education centres promote lifelong learning opportunities for everyone. They provide general education and training, lectures, open university studies, foreign languages, physical education, creative arts and crafts classes, a wide range of practical manual skills classes and workshops. They run courses in the mornings, afternoons, evenings and at weekends.

Anyone can attend the courses irrespective of their professional or educational background. Each adult education centre is unique; the curriculum is planned locally on a yearly basis to meet local needs and interests. Anyone can come up with suggestions for the curriculum.
The centres are active partners in the community and in local cultural activities.

There are two adult education centres in Tuusula: Tuusulan Opisto (in Finnish) and Jokelan kansalaisopisto (in Finnish).