Family Day Care

Family day care takes place in the home of the family day care provider. The family day care provider can have four children in care and one child who receives preschool instruction in part-time care. This number also includes the care provider’s own school-aged children.

The family day care provider’s activities are based on a national plan for early childhood education, as well as on the Municipality of Tuusula’s plan for early childhood education. An individual plan for early childhood education can be prepared for each child together with its guardian.

Family day care plans the care activities in accordance with the needs of the children. In cooperation with other care providers, the provider in question arranges excursions, parties and other activities for children. Family day care providers also cooperate with the day care centres.

Tuusula offers both municipal and private family day care providers. Contact information for private family day care providers is available from the service administrators and the service administration for family day care in Southern Tuusula