Supervision during the Building Period

Among the tasks of the municipal building supervisory authority is in the public interest to supervise those who build, and for their part, to ensure that during construction that the land use and building statute’s directives and provisions are followed.

The regulatory supervision of a building task pertains to such construction or measures re-quiring permits. The regulatory supervision of a building task begins when such work requir-ing a permit begins and it ends with a final inspection. 

In the decision on a building permit, it is stated whether the project is to begin with an intro-ductory meeting. In the decision on a building permit, the regulatory inspections that are to be undertaken within the object are established. Furthermore, any other inspections that will be conducted may be determined.  The inspections are performed often by the supervisors or planners as established in the decision.

Stages in the supervision of the building period


1. The permit is granted
- The permit decision has been submitted to the applicant

2. The responsible supervisor has been appointed
- The party beginning the building project, i.e., the construction client, invites the supervisors in change via the parties tab on Lupapiste. This person approves himself as the responsible supervisor with regard to the building supervision for the project.

3. Review of permit terms and conditions
- Permit decision and its permit terms and conditions shall be reviewed with the supervisor in charge.

4. Marking of the buildings in the terrain. 
- At the municipal survey office, the supervisor in charge orders a marking of the buildings in the terrain.

5. Introductory meeting
- The introductory meeting is ordered from the area’s supervisory controller. At the introduction meeting, the supervisor in charge, main planners and the building project’s initiators or builders take part. 

6. Commencement of building work
- At this stage, the building permit must be valid.

7. Submission of the special plans to be examined.
- The plans established in the permit decision shall be enclosed in the project in Lupapiste before the tasks in question can begin. 

8. Inspections and checks are undertaken.
- When the construction work progresses, the inspections set out in the decision are ordered.

9. Approval that the building can be used.
- Before the building can be put to use, a commissioning inspection is ordered from the authority.

10. Final Inspection
- The final inspection is ordered once all the building work that has been set out in the permit has been performed.

During the entire course of the project, the supervisor in charge keeps an inspection record. This filled-in inspection record is submitted to the building supervisory authority in connec-tion with the final inspection.