Business plots and premises

Tuusula is a municipality for entrepreneurs. In Tuusula, we actively support and develop regional business operations and help companies launch their businesses. Tuusula is also an attractive place to live, which is no wonder considering the fact that in Tuusula services and nature are never far away. 

Tuusula provides the ideal location for companies. This is a place where logistics work; Helsinki-Vantaa Airport and Vuosaari Harbour as well as all main routes are always near by. Companies’ long-term international growth is supported by the large and growing market area of the Uusimaa region, universities and other higher education institutions in the Helsinki metropolitan area as well as the proximity of the harbour and airport. 

Setting up a business in Tuusula is cost-effective compared to the Helsinki metropolitan area. The prices and rents of the municipality's business plots are competitive. We are ambitious, which often drives us to move at a rapid pace. For entrepreneurs, time is money. In Tuusula, decision-making is quick and companies’ needs are understood. 

We help you to start your business 

A growth team for you and your business 

The municipality of Tuusula is committed to developing its business areas in the long term. We also strongly support the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises. The central task of the municipality's business services is to strengthen Tuusula's competitiveness and vitality.  

The municipality's growth team will help you explore opportunities for growth or set up your business in Tuusula. The growth team deals with municipal matters of land use, town and country planning, employment services and engineering and actively looks for solutions to enable business growth. Regular visits to local companies are also an essential part of the team's work, which aims to develop Tuusula as a municipality with an entrepreneurial outlook.  

Available business plots and premises

The available business plots owned by the municipality of Tuusula are located in Jokela and Kellokoski. You can learn more about them by visiting the municipal map service at Basic information on the available plots (grey) can be found by clicking on the plot. 

The municipality of Tuusula maintains a list of private premises for sale or rent in the municipality. The list of empty premises is constantly updated based on the information sent in by the providers of the premises.

Real Estate Centre is responsible for renting the premises of the municipality.

You can also look for available premises by using the search services listed below.

You can see where the areas are located by exploring this map.