Athletics and Exercise in Tuusula

The Municipality of Tuusula arranges and offers multi-faceted opportunities for exercise and athletics.

The Tuusula Swimming Hall with its many pools and saunas is open daily from the begin-ning of August until the end of June. The swimming hall is suitable for general water fit-ness activities, either on one´s own or in groups.

We arrange exercise groups from autumn to summer. There are many different groups and types of exercise for everyone from seniors to adults, children and special groups.

Many of the exercise services that the municipality offers can be found near you. You can enjoy nature and relax on the beaches, walk along the trails through the forest or take your children along to a local school to run around. Tuusula features beaches, sporting fields and exercise areas made especially for children, as well as Frisbee golf courses, skateboard parks, ski tracks and skating rinks.

There is a wide range of active sports associations within the municipality, whose activi-ties include dozens of forms of exercise.

Get in touch with us and we will offer you some tips about the exercise facilities and ser-vices located near you!


Sports facilities: 040 314 3490

Swimming hall: 040 314 3495

Sports instruction: 040 314 2222

Sports manager: 040 314 2220