Building Permits

Permits regulated by the Land Use and Building Act are

• Building permits
• Action permits
• Demolition permits
• Permits for environmental measures, and,
• Reporting procedures.

In order to take samples from the ground, a permit is required according to the Land Extraction Act. One applies for the permit with the Central Uusimaa Environmental Centre.

The Municipality of Tuusula’s building ordinance determines inter alia the need for building permits or notifications. This building ordinance is municipality-specific and it determines and governs issues related to construction. The building ordinance is in Finnish.

Is a permit required?

A building permit is required to erect a building. Building permits are also required when putting an addition onto a building and for such repair and remodelling work comparable to erecting a building. A building permit is needed, for instance, when an open veranda belonging to an old building is to be remodelled into a built-in veranda or if one wants to undertake a comprehensive renovation of the building.

A building permit is required for modification work, if the modification can adversely affect the safety or health of those using the building. Building a sauna in a so-called dry area such as a clothes closet and even a division of a business location into two different premises requires an application for a building permit. 

A building permit is required if the purpose for which the building or a part of the building is used is changed substantially. A part of the building refers to a location, such as a hobby room, laundry room, storage or garage. Upon changing the purpose of use, planning provisions and regulations pertaining to the characteristics of the building are taken into account. Building permits are also needed when a summer cottage is going to be used as a year-round residence or if the residence will begin to be used as an office, or vice versa. 

An action permit is needed to build a geothermal heating system. In groundwater areas, one may need an action permit pursuant to the Water Act, which is managed by the Regional State Administrative Agencies. If one wishes to glass in a veranda, an action permit is most often needed. For a larger glassed-in veranda, a building permit may be needed. The regulations are set out in greater detail in the building ordinance. The building ordinance is in Finnish.

Demolishing a building always requires either a demolition application or a demolition permit. Demolishing a residential building requires a demolition permit within the zoning area. Demolition that is to be done in connection with the construction of a new building is handled in connection with the permit for the new building.

Permits for environmental measures are needed for measures that change the landscape, for example, excavation, terracing or substantial changes to the elevation of the ground surface. Even the felling of trees may require a permit for environmental measures. The Tuusula building supervisory authority has formulated guidelines for when permits for felling trees are needed. These are in Finnish.

Main Planner:

A project requiring a building permit or any other permit always requires a competent planner and always a main planner. As a point of departure, one may need a main planner for new constructions and when building additions. The task of the main planner is to be responsible for the entirety of the planning and for its quality. One can say that the main planner is the construction client’s top manager and that it is a good idea to hire him at as early a stage as possible. The main planner has an important role in electronic permit handling.

Minor construction measures often require reporting procedures. Those measures that may be taken with reporting procedures are stated in the building ordinance. The building ordinance is in Finnish.

In the section on “Frequently Asked Questions”, there is more detailed information on when permits are required. The frequently asked questions are in Finnish.

You can also receive answers from the building inspectors if you need permits for your project. This can be done as a consultancy request via the Lupapiste service or by contacting the building inspectors via e-mail or telephone. Office hours and contact information for the building inspectors can be found here.