Services for jobseekers

Employment services provide guidance and counselling to (over 29 year-old) adults searching for work or a new career path, and advise the employer or entrepreneur on, for example, employment subsidies or work try-outs. The premises of the employment services are located in Hyrylä, near the essential services. Read more about Employment services.

Ohjaamo Tuusula is a free service point for persons under 30 years of age. Ohjaamo provides you with advice, guidance and coaching that’s tailored to your situation. We will help you discover what your next step should be in matters related to career planning, employment, education, life management, well-being, social relationships, housing or financial management. Come by or call us at 040 314 2221 (also WhatsApp) and we’ll work on your situation together. Read more about Ohjaamo Tuusula.