Kasarmi Art Centre

Tuusula’s Museums of Modern Art and Illustrative Art
Jääkärinpolku 2, Tuusula. Tel. +358 9 8718 3465, 8718 3462
http://www.taidekeskuskasarmi.fi/ (in Finnish)

The Kasarmi Art Centre in Hyrylä is based in historic garrison houses dating back to 1915. The Tuusula Modern Arts Museum displays varying exhibitions, for instance from Aune Laaksonen’s Foundation. The Tuusula Illustration Art Museum shows Martta Wendelin’s collection and other illustration exhibitions. The Art Centre programme of activities includes workshops for children and adults, performances and concerts. Museum shop.

Open by request

Anti-Aircraft Museum

Klaavolantie 2, Tuusula. Tel +358 9 8718 3470, +358 40 538 5515
itmuseo(at)gmail.com, http://www.ilmatorjuntamuseo.fi/eng/

Anti-aircraft Museum's exhibition tells about the history and development of anti-aircraft warfare in Finland. Outside the museum building there is an anti-aircraft battle position with several anti-aircraft guns, radars etc. The museum shop and café.

1.1.-31.5. Tue-Sun 11-17
1.6.-31.8. Tue-Sun 10-18, Thu 10-20
1.9.-31.12. Tue-Sun 11-17



Klaavolantie 3, Tuusula. Tel. +358 9 8718 3460

Right opposite to the Anti-aircraft Museum is Klaavola, museum of local history and culture that provides glimpse of everyday life on an Uusimaa family farm. The rooms in Klaavola's two hundred year old main building are decorated in the style of early decades of twentieth century. The barns, plough shed and sauna in the yard complete the picture.

by appointment


Worker's home museum

Kirkkotie 21, Tuusula. Tel. +358 400 955 255

A cobbler's workshop and carpenters home from the beginning of the 20th century in a former house of the verger opposite Tuusula church. In addition to permanent exhibition there are theme exhibitions relating to Tuusula’s handicraft tradition and displays of work from tar burning to the daily activities of the village smith.

1.5.-31.8. Sat-Sun  12-16
1.6.-31.7.  Tue-Sun  12-16, Wed 18-20


Tuusula Church

Kirkkotie 34, Tuusula. Tel. +358 9 875 960
http://www.tuusulanseurakunta.fi/ (in Finnish)

Tuusula's beautiful greyish cruciform church was built in 1734. Master builder was writer Aleksis Kivi's great-great grandfather Erik Eskilsson Hannula. The church is very simply decorated and a devout atmosphere is created with stained-glass windows and an altarpiece dating back to 1850's by Johan Asplund. Aleksis Kivi and Pekka Halonen are buried in the small churchyard.

1.6.-31.7.  Mon-Fri  10-18, Sun  12-18
Other times by appointment.


Aleksis Kivi Memorial Cottage

Rantatie, Tuusula. Tel. +358 9 8718 3461

A significant Finnish national monument in which the Finnish national writer Aleksis Kivi spent his last months in the care of his brother's family. KiviŽs produktion består bl.a. av “Sockenskomakarna“, “Fölovningen“ och “Sju bröder“. The cottage where Aleksis Kivi died reminds us what the Tuusula Lake Road looked before the famous villa habitation and artists' community. Close to parking place there is a beautiful Fjällbo park.

2.5.-31.8.  Tue-Sun  11-18
1.9.-10.10.  Sat-Sun  12-17
Other times by appointment. 



Rantatie 25, Tuusula. Tel. + 358 9 8718 3471, 8718 3469
http://www.erkkola.fi/ (in Finnish)
http://www.jherkko.fi/ (in Finnish)

The poet J. H. Erkko’s (1849-1906) house Erkkola was built in 1902 on the Tuusla Lake Road. Today Erkkola’s activities have close ties to literature, music, art and theatre. Varied events include club evenings, concerts, lectures, plays and small-scale exhibition. Erkkola’s parking place is the same as Aleksis Kivi Memorial Cottage    

1.5.-31.8. Tue-Sun  11-18
1.9.-10.10 Sat-Sun 12-17
Other times by appointment


Syväranta Lotta Museum

Rantatie 39, Tuusula. Tel. +358 9 274 1077

Originally a magnificent villa built in 1869. From 1920's villa served as a guesthouse and in 1930's training centre for the Lotta Svärd organisation. The villa was destroyed in a fire in 1947. The villa was re-built 1995 and today it serves as a lotta museum. The museum's exhibitions tell the history of the women's Lotta Svärd organisation and the activity of Lottas. Also special events. A café and a museum shop.

2.5.-31.8. Tue-Sun 11-18
1.9.-30.9. Wed-Sun 11-17
1.10.-31.3. open by appointment
1.4.-30.4. Wed-Sun 11-17


Heritage rooms of the Civil Guard Officers' School

National Defence College, Continuing Training and Education Development Centre
Rantatie, Tuusula. Tel. + 358 40 515 7154

Heritage rooms are on the upper floor of the Koivikko villa which dates to 19th century and which functions as a officers' club. The heritage rooms tell about the history of the Civil Guard and Lotta organisation and also the times when the premises served as a Warfare College for officers.

by appointment



Rantatie, Tuusula. Tel. +358 9 8718 3461, 8718 3466

The painter Pekka Halonen's wilderness studio situated by Lake Tuusula. Halosenniemi built in the Finnish national romantic style was completed in 1902. Halosenniemi today functions as an art museum and has been renovated to its original style. Exhibitions about Pekka Halonen and other artists are held in the museum. The house also offers concerts and lectures. A small café and a museum shop in the ticket office.

1.5.-31.8. Tue-Sun 11-19
1.9.-30.4. Tue-Sun 12-17



Ainolantie, Järvenpää. Tel. +358 9 287 322

Ainola, the home of Jean Sibelius, is named after the wife of the master composer. Sibelius fell in love with the natural beauty of the Kielomäki area. The log villa, designed by his good friend architect Lars Sonck, was completed in 1904. Today Ainola is an authentic home museum.

2.5.-3.10. Tue-Sun 10-17



Sibeliuksenväylä 57, Järvenpää. Tel. +358 9 291 6685

The community of artists by Lake Tuusula began when author Juhani Aho and his wife, artist Venny Soldan-Brofeldt, moved into the rented Villa Vårbacka in 1897, which was soon thereafter renamed Ahola. Today Ahola displays an exhibition of the works of Juhani Aho and Venny Soldan-Brofeldt.

2.5.-31.8.  Tue-Sun 11-18



Suvirannankatu, Järvenpää

Finnish golden era painter Eero Järnefelt had his studio home, know as Suviranta, built as a working space for himself and a home for his family on the banks of Lake Tuusula in 1901. The building remains a private hoe to this day and contunes to be owned by the family. Suviranta is open to visitors by arrangement. Pre- booked visits are also available during the Chamber Music at Lake Tuusula Festival on 29 July, 31 July and 1 August.

To arrange a visit, please contact tel. +358 9 2719 2718


Villa Kokkonen

Tuulimyllyntie 5, Järvenpää. Tel. +358 9 2719 2718

Architect Alvar Aalto designed Villa Kokkonen for composer Joonas Kokkonen. Designed around his grand piano in 1969, the artist’s home now hosts cultural events including services such as music, conference facilities and catering. Remember to call at the souvenir shop and Café Kokkonen.


Stålhane Manor

Stålhane Manor in Vanhankylänniemi, Järvenpää, dates back to the 18th century. The newly renovated Manor House provides facilities for restaurant, café, party, and conference services plus a summer terrace. There is also a summer theatre and a cellar restaurant you can reserve. The camping place features areas for caravans and tents; you can also choose cabin accommodation or a room in the Niemennokka villa. Lakeside saunas can be booked.


Järvenpää Art Museum

Kirjastokatu 8, Järvenpää. Tel. +358 9 2719 2827

The Järvenpää Art Museum collection consist of works by Venny Soldan-Brofeldt and Eero Järnefelt, close neighbours and members of the early 1900’s artist’s community at Lake Tuusula. The collection features colorful landscapes, nature lyricism, depictions of everyday family life as well as highly accomplished potraits. The museum also has changing exhibitions

6.1.-29.4. Wed 14-20, Tue-Sun 11-18
2.5.-30.9. Tue-Sun 11-18
1.10.-19.12. Wed 14-20, Thu-Sun 11-18


Järvenpää Hall

Hallintokatu 4, Järvenpää. Tel. +358 9 279 0170

Järvenpää Hall is a conference and concert centre that houses the Sibelius Hall, acoustically one of Finland’s premier concert venues. The building offers several meeting rooms as well asa spacious lobby area and the Järnätti exhibition space. Järvenpää Theatre operates in the Pikku-Kalle theatre at Järvenpää Hall.

Tickets for events from Lippupalvelu, http://www.lippupalvelu.fi/


Little Annie’s Home

Valtuustokatu 11, Järvenpää. Tel. +358 9 2719 2243

Little Annie’s Home was inspired by the “Annie” children books written by local author Kristiina Louhi. Little Annie’s Home is a popular family attraction where children can play, sing and potter about, as well as meet real artists.

2.6.-31.7.  Tue-Fri  10-16