Land use

Land Policy

The municipality is also charged with the task of administering land policy within the area. Land policy pertains to the municipality’s land acquisition and transfer, as well as the development of land use. The common aim of land policy and planning is to govern the development of the community’s infrastructure in the desired direction and to make sure that the land is available at a market price at the right moment,at suitable locations and for a variety of purposes. 

Land Acquisition

The municipality acquires what is known as unimproved land prior to the zoning of these areas. The municipality’s aim is to maintain a reserve of unimproved land that area-by-area corresponds to zoning needs. Unimproved land is primarily obtained through voluntary methods. Furthermore, land may be acquired through exchanges and through pre-emptive rights. In areas that are important to the development of the municipality, land can be acquired through expropriation.

In zoning areas, the municipality acquires common areas, such as streets, parks, protective green areas and parking spots, as well as plots for public buildings.

Property Ordinances

We divide plots and common areas, enact easement ordinances, transfer of ownership, property determination ordinances (boundary demarcations) and we maintain a property registry for such zoning areas where binding plot divisions are required. 

Land Plots

The municipality sells land plots for the building of houses, high-rise buildings and town houses, as well as commercial and workplace lots. 

Further information

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