Pekka Halonen

a hard working peasant's son, who committed himself to a career of an artist without any heed for the warnings of professors and art teachers. His philosophy was that art should create peace and not attain an effect by grating the senses. In his studio-home Halosenniemi, Pekka Halonen was able to live simply and concentrate fully to his work. In the 1920's Halonen earned a title of being the official landscape painter of the newly independent Finland. 

Jean Sibelius

Sibelius was a gentleman who loved to travel and always wanted to be stylishly dressed. He never spared himself, let alone his fellowmen and friends. His home Ainola offered him much needed peace for composing and other artists families on the Lake Road a tight circle of friends.

Eino Leino

a globe-trotter and spirited journalist. This bohemian Finnish national poet would rather give than take – always full of life. To Eino Leino freedom was the most important thing in the world. In Tuusula his best friends could be found at Onnela, Syväranta, Halosenniemi and the Hyrylä barracks, where he was considered to be an uncle for the regiment. In the barracks he always found jolly company and tender care.

J. H. Erkko

J. H. Erkko (in Finnish) was a fervid poet, writer and journalist, but above all a dedicated patriot who spoke for education and Finnish language and culture. Named as a Finnish national poet he found a moment's peace at Tuusula where he built his home Erkkola (in Finnish). In designing and building his home he received help from his close friend Pekka Halonen and builders of Halosenniemi.

Eero Järnefelt

a son of an aristocratic officer. Eero Järnefelt's manner and art were restrained – never open to explosions of feeling or drastic gestures. Nevertheless he was an incomparable humorist who used irony to great effect. Nature and reality were an unquenchable inspiration to his art. His home Suviranta and its surroundings on the Lake Tuusula was his treasure with its flowers and birds. Järnefelt became the official portrait-painter of the newly independent Finland.

Juhani Aho

a liberal Finnish national writer and a founder of the Tuusula artists' community. With his bohemian artist wife Venny Soldan-Brofeldt, he did not care what others thought and gossiped. This down-to-earth writer suffered from his fame and when travelling by train always sat in the third class compartment. Aho was also an enthusiastic fisherman and the smell of dried fish was familiar at Ahola and could even be sensed as far away as Suviranta.

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