Applying for Day Care

One should apply for a day care place no later than 4 months before the child is to begin with day care. Provided that the need for day care does not arise due to one suddenly getting a job or enrolling in a course of study, one should apply for a day care place no later than two weeks before the child needs a day care placement. If the need for day care is very urgent, fill-in the electronic day care application and contact the service provider via telephone or by e-mail.

If one of the guardians in the family is at home, the child is entitled to early childhood education for 20 hours per week (Act on Children’s Day Care, Article 11 a, 29.1.2016/108). Following a review, more hours can be granted temporarily for early childhood education as the child or family needs. The care provider shall then formulate a written report concerning the need.

Further information on alternative applicable services within early childhood education

For information on available day care placements, please contact the service administrators.

For information on available private day care placements, please contact the day care centres in question and the service administrators.

Sending an Electronic Application for Day Care

You can apply for day care and club placement for children via the electronic services

Children in Special Need of Care and Training

Further information on the day care system for children in need of special care and training is available from the special nursery school teachers within early childhood eduction.