Special early childhood education teacher (VEO)

A VEO works together with the child’s guardians, the education group’s staff and other collaborators. The teacher is involved in planning and evaluating the activities of the child group and the individual support measures required by the children.

The VEO provides consultation on issues regarding the growth, development, learning and rehabilitation of the child. Together with the guardians and the child’s day care staff, the VEO seeks solutions to take the needs of the child, the functioning of the child group and the content of activities into consideration.

You can contact the VEO, for example,

• if the child is having a challenging time interacting with children of the same age

• if commitment to rules and guided activities is causing difficulties

• if there is concern related to the child’s growth, development or learning.

With consent from the guardian, the VEO can be contacted by the guardians, the early childhood education staff as well as other cooperation partners.


The VEOs and areas of early childhood education and care services in Tuusula:

Palola, Helena Head of supported growth and learning support

Grönroos, Kristiina Kellokoski area

Pyy Satu Southern Tuusula

Riekkinen, Maisa Southern Tuusula

Soini, Leena Southern Tuusula

Puhtimäki, Tarja Southern Tuusula

Vaalivirta, Paula Jokela area

Pyörälä, Virpi Jokela area and private day care centres