Special Education Teachers within Early Childhood Education

A special teacher within early childhood education works together with the child’s parents, the group’s staff and other cooperating interests. Those in question take part in the evaluation and planning of the children’s group’s activities and the individual support measures that the child needs.

The special education teachers within early childhood education offer advice in matters pertaining to the child’s growth, development and rehabilitation. Along with parents and the group’s staff, the special education teacher looks for solutions to how best to provide for the child’s needs, the dynamics of the children’s group and what the activity entails.

You can contact a special education teacher within early childhood education in the following instances:

  • If problems arise in the child’s play and the guided activity
  • If the child has difficulty following rules and instructions given by adults
  • If something in the child’s growth, development or learning is worrisome     

Parents, staff within early childhood education, as other cooperating interests are welcome to contact the special education teacher within early childhood education.