Construction Outside of the Zoning Area

For example, if someone wants to build a new or replacement residential house outside of the zoning area, change the use of the building or make an addition to an existing residence, he must apply for a decision on planning needs from the Tuusula Zoning Department. In the decision on planning needs, the conditions for granting a building permit shall be considered. Once a positive decision has taken effect, one may apply for a building permit for the project. A building project requiring a decision on planning needs can, if one deviates from the provisions, also require an application for a variance. 

The Tuusula zoning manager is the one who makes decisions with regard to variances and decisions on planning needs. One can apply for an appeal of the decision from the Municipal Development Committee, and if one is dissatisfied with the decision of the committee, the decision can be appealed to the Helsinki Administrative Court. The decision made by the Helsinki Administrative Court can then be appealed to the Supreme Administrative Court.