Three-part Planning System

The planning system contains three different planning levels: the land use plan, the master plan and the zoning plan. Zoning is done hierarchically so that the upper plan level governs the more detailed planning. The Land Use and Building Act determines what the plans are required to contain, as well as the procedure for interaction. 

The land use plan sets out the general outlines for land use. In the land use plan, the usage objectives are adapted to the national and regional areas. The Uusimaa land use plan has been supplemented with what are known as stage plans, where the focus is on various themes. When the applicable site plan is interpreted, all of the applicable land use plans should be considered at the same time. The land use plan governs the general zoning. The land use plan is prepared by the Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council and is approved by the Uusimaa Regional Council. 

The master plan is a general plan for land use with which one governs the structure of the community, land use and traffic from a long-term perspective. The master plan can apply to the entire municipality or to a particular part of the municipality. In the latter case, it is referred to as a component master plan. The master plan gov-erns the zoning and it has legal ramifications that can either be binding or serve as guidelines. The master plan is prepared by the Tuusula zoning department and is approved by the Tuusula Municipal Council.   

The zoning plan governs land use and construction in detail. Zoning determines development rights, land usage, number of floors and other construction conditions in detail. The zoning plan can apply to an individual plot of land or to an entire residential area. The zoning plans are prepared by the Municipality of Tuusula. Zoning plans that are of negligible significance are approved by the Tuusula Municipal Development Committee; however, the vast majority of plans are approved by the Council.  

The master plan is a plan that is produced as a basis for the discussion to be held concerning land use. The master plan allows one to identify viewpoints and to map out the plan’s further conditions. The master plan has no legal ramifications. The master plan is produced and approved by the Municipality. 

Construction is also governed by the building ordinance

The building ordinance supplements and specifies the zoning provisions, as well as the provisions for building outside of the zoning area. The Tuusula building ordinance took effect on 20 March 2018. The building ordinance is produced and approved by the Municipality.