Ohjaamo Tuusula

Ohjaamo Tuusula is a free service point for persons under 30 years of age. Ohjaamo provides you with advice, guidance and coaching that’s tailored to your situation. We will help you discover what your next step should be in matters related to career planning, employment, education, life management, well-being, social relationships, housing or financial management. Come by or call us at 040 314 2221 (also WhatsApp) and we’ll work on your situation together.

Starttipaja workshop

The activities of the Starttipaja workshop are aimed at 16 to 29-year-old residents of Tuusula who do not have a place to work or study and who need support in planning the future and managing their everyday lives. A personal plan outlining a set of goals to be achieved during the workshop is prepared for each person. The length of the workshop period is agreed on a case-by-case basis, and normally the participant receives labour market support for the days they take part in the workshop. During the workshop days, different themes are discussed by using group and individual coaching methods. The themes cover employment, studying, housing and everyday life, well-being as well as personal strengths and resources.

Outreach youth work

Outreach youth work looks for answers to problems and questions together with the young person and helps them to find the services they need. The primary target group for the outreach youth work consists of young people under the age of 29 who have fallen outside the education system or the labour market or who need support in finding the services they need.

Outreach youth work is based on the young person’s voluntary participation and cooperation.

Outreach youth work is begun based on the information provided by the young person themself and their own assessment of the support they need. Outreach youth work can also be started on the basis of information provided by other authorities.