Private Care Support

You have the option of choosing private care support in order to arrange for the child’s day care if a private day care provider approved by the municipality is to care for the child. 

A day care provider may be:

  • A private day care, group family home or nursery school,
  • A private family day care provider
  • A care provider in a working relationship with the family 

Application for Support

Private Care Support

Applications for private care support and supplements are to be made to the Fpa by filling out the forms Application for support for private care of children, Fpa (WH1) and Evaluation - support for private care of child - day care provider (WH 2).

Once you have received a decision on private day care from the Fpa, you can apply for a municipal supplement from the municipality in which your child receives full-time care. You can apply for a municipal supplement via the electronic services. As well, any changes are to be reported via the electronic services. The private care support and municipal supplement are paid out to the private day care provider.

If there is no means by which to fill out the form electronically, please contact the administrator for early childhood education Vesa Joronen by telephoning 040 314 3368.

For more information, please contact:
Private family day care and paid care providers in the home:
Paula Tuulaniemi

Private day care and group family day care:
Vesa Joronen

Children of Preschool Age

If the child attends, on a part-time basis, preschool instruction that the municipality arranges along side of private care one year prior to the start of school or else begins primary school as a six-year-old, the care allowance is paid out in the amount of €63.93 per month, plus half of the care supplement. For a child attending cost-free preschool instruction and who furthermore requires day care, a municipal supplement of 40% of the municipal supplement for full-time day care support is paid.

Part-time Care

For those children receiving day care on a part-time basis (max 5 hours per day) or for partial weeks (number of care days 10-7/month), 40% of the municipal supplement is paid in accordance with the form of care, on the condition that the child is entitled to a care allowance for private care support.

Sibling Supplement

If there are more than two children in the family who are covered by the support, a sibling supplement is paid for the family’s third child and any additional children. One applies for this supplement in connection with the municipal supplement. 

Discontinuing Support

Notify the Fpa if you intend to discontinue your care support. You can submit notification via the electronic services of you want to discontinue the municipal supplement.